Discover the Ball

Opening Ceremony

19h00 – Serenaded by violinists playing Strauss Waltzes, the ladies in their gorgeous ball gowns descend the grand staircase on the arm of their escorts who are elegantly clad in tuxes or tails to the Viger room for a champagne reception.

Alles Walzer

21h00 – The dance floor officially opens with the words “Alles Walzer”, pronounced by the master of ceremonies. This is the traditional and famous German phrase used for inviting all to the dance floor. It means “Everyone waltz”.

Gourmet Dinner

21h15 – Following the lavish opening ceremonies of the ball that include the presentation of the debutantes and their partners as well as their choreographed dance performance, you will be treated to a sumptuous dinner, expertly prepared by the chefs of the Marriott Hotel Château Champlain.

Casino & Heuriger

23h30 – Come and try your hand at the Casino. You can win great prizes and support our charities at the same time. And just before midnight, the doors to our traditional Viennese wine tavern open for your entertainment and pleasure

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