23h30 – The casino is always an exciting gathering place for guests who want to take a break from the dancing and play some Roulette or Black Jack. It is open all night, and the professional groupier will be happy to explain the rules to you if you are new to this adventure. Then, for a change of pace from the elegant atmosphere of the grand ballroom, come and visit the “Heuriger”. Here, you will find surroundings that are more rustic and reminiscent of the traditional Viennese taverns where local vintners serve wine from the current vintage. In our very own “Heuriger” you will find Austrian wines and other beverages as well as hearty food, such as Gulash soup or sausages. At the “Heuriger”, you will spend memorable moments listening to very lively Viennese music. Traditionally, many a ball guest has been found singing along to the well-known tunes right until dawn.

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