I want to attend the Ball. How do I go about it?

Here’s how to purchase your tickets:

1. Order and pay for your tickets directly online.

2. Download the Ball ticket order form in English or French, print it, fill it out, include a check or your credit card information and send it to us by regular mail.

3. Download the Ball ticket order form in English or French, fill it out and e-mail it or fax it to us with your credit card info included.

Here’s how to purchase your tickets online:

1. Click on the “Buy Tickets” button.

2. Select the type of tickets you would like to purchase (Junior tickets at $150.00; Regular tickets at $250; an entire table for 10 at $2,500)

3. Clicking on the desired type of tickets to purchase will open a new window where you can fill in all required information, including the number of tickets you want to buy.

4. Click on “Add to Cart”, and follow the instructions from there.

Please note that no tickets will be mailed to you when purchasing them online. You will receive your tickets at the door when you come to the ball.

What shall I wear?

The Viennese Ball of Montreal is a very special event and the perfect occasion to wear formal evening attire, that is full-length ball gown for the ladies, and black tie (tuxedo) or tails (white tie) or gala uniform for the gentlemen. This year’s Fledermaus Ball will add an intriguing touch to the dress code for the particularly adventurous and romantic among you: if you are so inclined, you are welcome to wear a fanciful facemask – the more elegant and elaborate, the better. For more details on how to dress, please refer to our Dress Code section.

I can’t dance. Can I still go to the ball?

Absolutely. The Viennese Ball of Montreal is as much about conviviality, meeting people and having a great time at the Casino and the “Heurigen” as it is about dancing. However, if you would also like to join in the fun on the dance floor, we have the perfect solution for you: If you buy your tickets by November 1, you can enjoy free dance lessons during the two weeks immediately preceding the ball. You will receive vouchers for your dance lessons with specifics as to time and place.


I would like to attend the ball, but I am from out of town and need a place to stay overnight.

Whether you are coming to the ball from out of town or just want to fall right into bed after a glorious night of exuberance and dancing, ball ticket holders will enjoy a special overnight rate of $179.00 plus tax at the Mariott Chateau Champlain Hotel. All you need to do is call the hotel directly at 514.878.900 and make the arrangements by October 21 at the latest. This way you can savor the merriment to the fullest on the night of the Ball, then just go upstairs, kick off your dancing shoes and start dreaming already of next year’s Viennese Ball…

I want to be a Debutante/Partner of a Debutante. What do I need to know?

Congratulations! You will be in for an unforgettably beautiful experience. All you need to know you can find here. Alternatively, you may call Birgit Erdan at 514-426-5272, and she will be happy to answer all your questions. As places are limited to 16 couples, you may want to decide very soon.

Is there anything else to keep in mind on the night of the Ball?

Our Viennese Ball is a very elegant and beautiful event that merges European traditions with modern Montreal life style and charitable generosity. We always make sure that everyone attending the ball can thoroughly enjoy the evening. For this to happen there is a certain protocol in place, specifically in terms of dress code and dancing etiquette.

If you have any more questions regarding ball tickets, we will gladly answer them at 1-800-304-0193

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